Random index of the PRP's policy proposals for membership to consider, amend, reject, or accept to form Party manifesto.
1 Scrapping first-past-the-post and introduction Proportional Representation (PR) for all elections, with a system to be devised most suited for UK.
2 Abolishing the House of Lords replacing it with a PR elected Upper Chamber.
3 Halving House of Commons seats with same number for Upper House, with business hours attendance, and professional salaries for all Members, with Members responsible for their own travel and living expenses, including private pensions and health services, with only business expenses with prescribed limits met by the House, as laid out by a job descriptions provided and agreed by all Membership Candidates.
4 Setting up ten or more Regional Authorities (RA's) with full local/regional government powers, including NHS, Education, Police, Public Transport, Regional Industrial Expansion, job creation. Local Councils are merged with RA's with minimum representation thereby slashing local government overheads and costs.
5 Transferring all Whitehall government administration to R A's after passing value-for-money tests and fit for purpose assessment with central government retaining just vital central government services. R A's will be elected on PR and will govern and administer their respective regions with powers to raise local taxes that must be approved by Parliament which meets administration ceilings.
6 Parliamentary elections (both houses) held every four years, while a system is devised to adopt a foolproof and easier system of voting.
7 Introduction of Anti-trust Laws, with full enforcement parliamentary powers that will outlaw monopoly practices and force prices for good and services down to compare with USA, who operate powerful Anti-trust Laws.
8 Setting up powerful parliamentary committees that will oversee all aspects of society such as children and elderly care homes, cowboy builders and other confidence tricksters practises, etc, etc, in order to rid the nation of press and media taking up consumer complaints such as Watchdog TV shows and Newspapers 'Rip-off stories.
9 Abolishing Premium Phone Lines and Standing Charges by Utility Companies.
10 Greatly improve our military defence and reduce defence cost by forming a powerful EU Defence Force, which will provided the kind of armament, such as Squadrons and Brigades of modern attack helicopters with backup transportation, to meet demands of growing international terrorism that present UK defences are unable to match an EU Superpower's abilities.
11 Abolish exorbitant price rises of products in 'captured' venues such as Cinemas, Theatres, Sporting Arenas, Show Arenas, etc, etc.
12 Classifying street criminals as Street Crime Terrorists (SCT) and introducing a national Para Military Police Force to target and monitor Street Crime Terrorists and bring these suspects before special Military Style Courts, where suspects found guilty are detained in special correction and trade training camps. The Force will also act as backup for Police dealing with national terrorism matters.
13 Life imprisonment of hard labour for all serious child molesters and re-offenders, in an off shore location away from society.
14 Introducing fully funded National Innovation & Business Centre Institute (NIBCI) with free fully equipped workshops and technical dept's and qualified staff, in every Region, open for all people with plausible inventions and ideas, and NIBCI provided with sufficient independent finance to commercially exploit the most promising products from its Centres that over past generations our Banks and financial services shunned and failed the nation.
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